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One thing to keep in mind with the content of Tyson’s Walk is that the categories are not absolute, and that’s not a bad thing. One of our goals is to show that there are many ideas which aren’t narrowly constrained; you can go up or down the scale of related ideas and grasp the greater picture. This vagueness is best explained by an XKCD comic:

It’s up to the author to decide, contextually, where a topic best fits.

Entries focusing on The Scientific Method. How Science works. Why Science is important. Understanding our history and shortcomings.

History of Science as told through the stories of great scientists and great experiments

Discussion pieces by our writers, ranging from hypotheses and zen of Science to commenting on Science news

Understanding the purpose/necessity of the Scientific Method by understanding the challenges inherent to our perceptive shortcomings & biases

imageA description of the universe, as we best understand it from the Methods of Science. Knowledge is the fundamental product of Science.

The stars, the Planets & the Cosmos

Life, Critters & Replicators

Atoms, Molecules & their interactions

Geology & the Environment

Structure, Design & Construction

The formal language of science and relationships

Forces and fundamentals of the human scale & the quantum scale




The Flask system is a way of categorizing posts into levels of science intricacy: How complicated the idea/concept is, and how much you already need to know to understand it.

The Flask system does not imply a range of quality. One should never infer that a 1 or 2 Flask rated article is somehow less valuable than a 4 or 5. Some of the most profound ideas of science are simple & accessible to everyone.

This site exists for us to share the multitude of wonders, between the profound simplicities to the astounding details.


1x Flask • Fundamental/Cursory
Core, basic ideas of science. Posts in this range will attempt to cast a broad net of explanation on a topic.


2x Flask • Novice
Expanding upon core ideas in greater detail/interconnection. An average adult, a decade beyond their last formal dabblings or casual interests in science


3x Flask • Science Literate
A rounded foundation of science knowledge retained from secondary/post-secondary education.


4x Flask • Armchair Science
Advanced Discussion and complex ideas. Casual dabbling in serious science and topics which delve into the bizzare and difficult to comprehend (Quantum, quantum everywhere)


5x Flask • Serious Business
Discussions from professionals. Insight on the intricate details of a field, or the most complex of scientific ideas.


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